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Moku is where we share our philosophy about the subjects that we are exploring within our work. Moku, or mu (chinese), is the character for tree. In chinese, two trees make a woods, and three make a forest. For us, this elemental character is not only found in our names, but also provides a starting point for our research - representing simply our commitment to building an architecture that is connected to the nature.

We are proud to have began our explorations with our 2014 grant award from The Imre Halasz Trust. Imre Halasz was a distinguished Professor of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. More than anything, Professor Halasz was a figure of humanity, and he taught architecture and urban design with a true sense of dimensionality.

We made an extended research trip to Japan to study the relationship between landscape and architecture in Japanese architecture, both traditional and current. At the same time, we reflect on the parallels with the North American practices of Shim-Sutcliffe Architects and Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, our mentors.

We have been building on this research in our practice, and continue to develop our research (when we have time)! This work will culminate in a book.

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