tower garden

The development of residential condominiums in Toronto is changing as large parcels of land are becoming fewer and farther between.

This condominium proposal does not fit the typical profile of development in Toronto as it falls within the point tower building type. Its height and slender profile are the result of the owner’s parcels of land being small. Precedents in other cities for this type of tower exist and the developer sought to determine if there would be a market in Toronto.

This proposal included both larger luxury units of 1 and 2 floors, as well as smaller apartments. Due to the small floorplate, each floor could only have up to 3 units. In addition to being a point tower, we proposed that the condominiums suites were conceived with sky gardens as opposed to the typical balcony added on to an apartment unit. Especially for buildings over 50 storeys, a more generous winter garden space allows inhabitants to have access to true outdoor space, making their homes more livable and connected to nature in spite of their vertical location and the increasing density of the city.

This project was an exploratory study which included a preliminary review with the city. Although the building was of course viewed as too tall, the city appreciated its small footprint and treatment at the street level, particularly around the heritage building.

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