tower garden

Large developable parcels of land in Toronto are in high demand and short supply. Residential condominium development is changing in response.

The slenderness and height of this point tower condominium project designed by Suulin Architects does not fit the typical profile of a local development. And it expressly exceeds height limitations.

Nonetheless, the project developer, who owns several small urban parcels, continued to observe such condo towers taking root in other cities. So he set out to test Toronto’s potential point tower market and the city’s reaction.

The limited floor plate fits a maximum of 3 small units. This proposal also included a range of larger luxury units occupying 1 or 2 floors. Particularly for such buildings of 50 or more storeys, providing generous winter garden space renders homes more livable. Vertical height and increasing urban density notwithstanding, it also provides a direct connection to nature. Suulin further proposed to design the condominium suites with sky gardens (vs. typical unit add-on balconies).

This exploratory study proceeded to preliminary review. The city appreciated the tower’s compact footprint and treatment at the street level, particularly with respect to the existing heritage building. Unsurprisingly, the building was viewed as simply too tall.

The project is currently on hold.

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