the standard, ennead architects

Amy Lin was the senior project designer on this project during her tenure at Ennead Architects (formerly Polshek Partnership Architects) as an associate. She also executed the design and construction administration of the curtain wall and exterior envelope. As the project designer, Amy was intimately involved with all aspects of the project, working closely with the client and all consultants.

The iconic building was designed to engage the public at all levels, both at the base of the building at the street, as well as the elevated Highline. The public engagement is extended to the top of the building where many people go to enjoy a drink and take in the stunning panoramic views of the city. With multiple venues throughout the hotel, the Standard continues to be a success, drawing in hundreds of visitors every day. The Standard was one of the first major developments around the Highline which was completed around the same time as the first portion of the Highline and remains an anchor around the southern end of the Highline path.

Great attention to architectural detail was paid from the form and texture of the concrete wall with its exit stair dropping down at the base to countless facade studies. The concrete wall was the single largest concrete pour in New York City at the time.

The building has won numerous awards including an AIA National Honor Award.

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