sisters of st, joseph, shimsutcliffe

This was a project completed in 2013 for Shim•Sutcliffe Architects. Amy Lin and James Chavel served as co-project architects for this assisted living home, built for the Sisters of St. Joseph. Amy and James were involved in every aspect of this project, including the design, city planning approvals, construction documents, contractor negotiation and complete execution of the project through the end of construction.

This home for the Sisters is a 58-bed mother house complete with chapel. The building is situated on the edge of the Don Valley in Toronto. The project strives to connect to the surrounding nature of the ravine and also forge opportunities for social engagement. All details are focused around making a building which reflects its collective people.

This project has won the Governor General’s award, Canada’s most prestigious architectural award, as well as heritage, health care and many building industry awards.

Over the years, the needs of the Sisters has changed, and Suulin Architects has been engaged to transform areas within the building to better suit their current needs.

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