office building no.1

This project was designed with the intent of integrating vital living spaces into the work environment. Organized around the principles of light, air and movement, the building will be dynamic in its use and reflect the needs of the 21st century work place. The design of the building articulates the different functional components of the building which are connected vertically while still remaining grounded and respectful of urban scale. At the same time, spaces expand outwards at every level, giving the occupants every opportunity to remain connected to their environment. A silky white veil wrapping the car park creates an elegant base for the work spaces to rest upon, elevating them into the light and views of the surrounding greenery.

The building offers a number of opportunities for users to expand their horizons both physical and socially. Communal lounges and terrace spaces, walking tracks and wellness facilities, generous double height office and lobby spaces are a few of the features integrated into the program to improve the quality of life.

We created the vision for the building and generated the form within the tight constraints of the site and targeted budget. All marketing material was done in-house.

suulin architects inc