office building no. 1

Working within the tight constraints of the client’s site and budget, we developed the vision – and all marketing materials – for an oasis of vital, energizing and healthful office space in Toronto’s North York neighborhood.

The design accommodates the dynamic continuous evolution and growth requirements of 21st century business while answering the emerging working comfort and quality of life demands of its target users. Its uplifting everyday work environment maximizes natural light and fresh air circulation and offers opportunities to expand users’ physical and social horizons. The many shared spaces include lounges, terraces, walking tracks, wellness facilities and spacious multi-purpose double height office and lobby spaces.

While the principal spaces are stacked upward and connect vertically, they emphatically respond to the human and urban scales of their inhabitants and surroundings. Spaces at every level reach outward, allowing occupants to step out, immerse themselves in the larger surrounding natural environment and connect with nature.

The workspaces rest upon a silky white veil at ground level. While creating an elegant base that elevates building users up into the light and views of the surrounding greenery, it also serves as a screen wrapping the car park.

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