office no. 31

Building 31 challenged us to cost-effectively increase floor space, improve energy efficiency and adaptively reuse the existing complex to create a LEED gold level high-tech office complex. No less challenging was transforming a jumbled existing building assemblage to develop an architecturally coherent and significant building that succeeds in unifying function throughout a complex built in 3 phases spanning 40 years.

The new building envelope uses sustainable materials to dramatically boost energy performance while establishing baseline continuity among the disparate building parts. The tenants share an atrium whose continuous ribbon of clerestory windows bathe the spacious interiors in natural light. Communal space accessed via the building’s 2nd floor mezzanine extends to a roof terrace, an overflow space programmed for a range of recreation and gathering activities.

Building 31’s palette of simple natural materials and finishes lends it warmth. Precast concrete base walls provide a unifying element throughout the building. They tie in visually to the landscape walls that define the ramps, stairs and planters for each building entry. Wood as a structural, trim and accent material appears throughout as in the exposed underside of the roof overhang or the glazing fin caps. Zinc complements as durable cladding and roofing.

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