house no. 2

The inspiration for this project was an existing house whose heritage-protected front could not be modified. Our goal was to more closely unite the property’s interior and exterior, connecting them in ways that visually enhance the original building front.
As our relationship and dialogue with the owner progressed, the design grew and evolved. It unfolded over the course of three phases: The first redesigned the building interior, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and living room.

During the second, we shifted the centre of gravity and activity of the home. A living room addition visually and functionally opened up the house to the rear yard and framed its elegant extended garden views. The addition also featured a raised roof. This allowed us to create a rooftop garden with a private view for the second floor master bedroom. On the first floor, the high addition ceiling brought suffused natural light into the center of the house, increasing the feeling of spaciousness and openness.

The final phase redesigned the surrounding landscape. Reconstructing the front and back yards brought them more into harmony with the architecture of the home in ways that directly transformed and enhanced the experience throughout the building interior. The outdoor garden space, eco-friendly permeable pavers and burnt cedar boards flow into the addition on both sides: Standing within, you are surrounded by gardens and embedded in nature.


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