house no. 152

We worked intensively with the builder and many artisans who contributed to House 152. Above all, we collaborated closely with the owner from project inception through completion. Starting with an existing building, we wove a unified and vibrant new setting throughout the entire site.
New, old, inside and outside intertwine to form a unique deeply layered reflection and expression of the family that inhabits it. Extended collaborative development produced countless refinements - from the selection, grouping and precise placement of the more than 50 plant species throughout the extended garden space to the HVAC-integrated green wall and triple glazing.

Subtle material and texture changes, low garden walls, curves and shifts in direction or elevation gently guide visitors through building and site. Gradations of privacy and place are subtly demarcated and modulated through careful positioning of edges, planters and railings throughout the spaces surrounding the building and along site boundaries. They are further reinforced with a blend of natural and artificial lighting.

Created as a backdrop for activities that range from quiet contemplation to exuberant gatherings of the extended family and their community of friends and clients, House 152 represents an inseparable union of building and interior architecture with the landscape design implemented by Suulin Architects.

photos by Scott Norsworthy

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