the detox union store

The Detox Market is a retail brand specializing in green beauty, organic skin care, and natural make up, with locations in Los Angeles and Toronto. The Union Station retail store is located in the historic section of Union Station, in Toronto, and is a re-conception of the existing brand. The design of the store is inspired by the products and their inherent philosophy to be entirely natural. Naturally finished woods were chosen as the primary material backdrop upon which the different products are showcased. The formal expression of elements help curate different experiences within the store. The store is meant to be experienced slowly or quickly depending on the time one has to look, play, and learn about the products being sold. We have also designed a method of display for the range of different projects which seeks to unify different brands visually and facilitate the display and organization of a wide range of products. Each store location moving forward will share common elements while having their own characters.

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