office no.31

This project is an adaptive re-use of an existing warehouse and office building in North York. The project consists of a series of 3 existing buildings which was transformed into a new headquarter for the client, along with high-tech tenant office spaces. The original buildings were built at different times and did not have a unified appearance. 

Much of the original facades were removed and a new envelope was designed to improve the energy performance of the building while bring continuity to the complex. Simple exposed concrete foundation walls and landscape walls tie the buildings together with the original existing precast panels of the building fronting the street. These panels were not feasible to be removed but were rehabilitated and pigmented.

At the rear end of the development, a second storey was added which allows the main tenant to have a series of offices and open working spaces organized around a central double height space for their company. Social spaces were designed to extend on the roof terrace.

This project is expected to achieve a LEED Gold rating.

Photos 1-3,8,9 by Anton Kisselgoff, photos 4-7 by Scott Norsworthy

suulin architects inc