office 860

This project is an adaptive reuse of an existing warehouse and industrial building. Located in a historically-significant commercial and manufacturing area, the neighborhood is continuing to gentrify and these former uses are less compatible.

The new owner of the building wants to highlight the heritage industrial features of the building including its large open spaces, high ceilings and abundance of light.The addition of a new floor on top of the building will increase the amount of rental space but also provide an opportunity to both brand the building and give it a new identity. The initial proposal was to create a publicly-accessible function such as a cafe or restaurant that will serve as an amenity to the tenants of the building as well as a social condenser within the neighborhood. This roof-top addition would have outdoor space that could be used for both patron seating as well as for growing vegetables to be used by the restaurant. Ultimately, the spaces will be flexible enough to take on different uses.

The character of the building is retained while creating a new identity with the addition of an active stair which pushes out to engage the street as well as create a canopy for the main entry. Simple minimal detailing is used for to enhance the older features of the building. 

visualization by Norm Li

suulin architects inc