mixed use development no.1655

The Junction neighborhood has undergone a massive transformation and the redevelopment of the old Viceroy Building at 1655 Dupont Street is a response to these changes. The building currently houses workshop studios and self-storage uses which includes a large tech firm as anchor tenant. The dominant use as a self-storage facility underutilizes its potential on many fronts. Located at the cross roads of Dupont Street and Dundas as well as the West Rail Path, the building is an existing landmark well-situated to be a neighborhood hub for business and community use. While the interiors will house business supported by people near and far, the site will be used to support interaction with the neighborhood and reinforce the character of the area. A farmer’s market, outdoor film nights, maker space and other outdoors areas of flexible use will foster the evolution of the neighborhood and building in a sensitive manner.

We worked with the client to find the best way to enliven activity around the building, proposing to open up access and establish connections to the West Rail Path while creating places of different scales for people to use along the way. We found alternative solutions for the current parking in front so the public face could become pedestrian and welcoming with planting, benches, new steps and ramps to better access the front entrances to the building, intensified with new canopies, lighting and landscaping throughout. The distinguishing twin silo gives the building a new identity while also being transformed into a kiosk for micro vendors. An architectural language was developed to encourage connections between users in the building, their neighborhood and surrounding community, encouraging people to percolate through the building and discover new places.

suulin architects inc