maeli market

Maeli Market is a new food market concept highlighting taiwanese food and products! This was a special passion project for us to design a space that would represent Taiwan and its unique island culture. We highlighted the natural topography and landscape of Taiwan in the shop, which is central to its food and identity. This is reflected in the natural materials chosen for the design, and also in the forms and colours incorporated into the millwork.

The organization of the shop evokes the famous Taiwanese night markets with rolling carts and individual stalls featuring different foods, but all interpreted with forms reminiscent of Taiwan's mountainous landscape.

We worked with Taiwanese bamboo artist Cheng Tsung-Feng to create bamboo lanterns over the various market places within the shop. Some of these have yet to be installed but are in progress. There are many hidden references to taiwanese food and culture incorporated throughout the shop.

A full commercial kitchen open to view is a centerpiece of the shop taking the unusual form of the Taiwan island itself and creating a dynamic market experience around it.

All signage and signage concepts were developed by Suulin and additional details are in the work. Planting was also specified and installed by Suulin in collaboration with the client.

Photography by Scott Norsworthy

suulin architects inc