house no.2

This project consisted of several phases and expanded as our dialogue with the owner evolved. The initial phase of work was the renovation of an existing house, which included a new kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, and living room. The second phase of work was an addition which enlarged the living room and connected the interior of the house to the backyard. The final phase of work was the reconstruction of the front and back yards. The front of the building has heritage protection and could not be modified, but the interior and landscape extensions of the house were fully transformative.

The intent of the addition and landscaping, developed together, was to create a reciprocal connection between the interior and exterior. At the addition, the garden slips into the sides of the main living space, with extensive views to the back of the garden. From inside the addition you are surrounded by the garden. The free-standing wall is clad using the Japanese technique of burnt cedar boards, which improves the wood’s resistance to fire and insects. This wall extends into the garden as well, defining one side of the outdoor space. The permeable pavers of the garden also reach inside, reinforcing the relationships. The roof of the addition is raised to open up the lower-ceilinged space of the existing house and creates a garden roof to look over from the master bedroom.

1 by Scott Norsworthy
2-7 by Anton Kisselgoff

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